Your reliable partner in the supply of fresh, natural, environmentally friendly products

Our company offers a large selection of only environmentally friendly dried fruits.

There are certificates for all goods and the opportunity to order samples of goods.

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About us

For 10 years, KHOREZM GARDEN has been specializing in the supply of high-quality dried fruits, legumes and nuts to the world market.  Our company has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier of high quality products in countries such as Russia, Moldova, Israel, the USA, India, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea and Ukraine.

Wide assortment of our products includes more than 60 kinds of dried fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetables.

The location of our plantations plays a key role in obtaining environmentally friendly and natural products, as it is located far beyond the industrial sphere.

The main goal of the company is to follow dynamics of technology and produce products that meet the trends and standarts of the world trade

Choosing our products you choose high quality, reliability and good at bargain prices.

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Khorezm Garden Cells

Why us?

  • We grow
    We grow ourself and take care of the process.
  • We collect and dry
    We carry out the process of product quality control.
  • We pack
    We make sure that the goods are packed in accordance with all the rules.
  • We export
    We deliver the goods worldwide without problems.